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3 Steps to Posting a Project!

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2. Complete the requested information about your project.

3. Zip and upload your documents for posting in ALL the Independent Plans Exchanges in the State of Montana.

Montanabid is brought to you by:
The Independent Montana Plans Exchanges

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MONTANABID.COM was formed by The Independent Montana Plans Exchanges to give organizations a one stop solution to post bidding documents to the Independent Plans Exchanges in Montana.

MONTANABID.COM is a tool intended for use by Plan-Issuers to put projects out for bid to General Contractors, Sub-contractors and Suppliers. There are no services offered for bidders through This website serves as a portal for Plan Issuers to post bidding projects.

MONTANABID.COM does not sell subscriptions or any services, This website is solely for the use of Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Agencies or Issuing Offices wishing to post projects to receive bids from General Contractors, Sub-contractors and suppliers who are members of The Independent Montana Plans Exchanges. For Subscriptions to view the documents posted through MONTANABID.COM, Please contact the Plans Exchange in your local market for membership information.

For technical assistance please contact

Stan Wagner
Bozeman Builders Exchange


Luke Hudson
Builders Exchange of Billings

You can also e-mail all Montanabid Builders Exchange's at:

Q: How much does it cost to Post a Project?

A: FREE, There is no cost to post a project on MONTANABID.COM. The purpose of the Plans Exchange is to provide as many bidding opportunities to our members as we can. We don't charge for posting projects to our network, however in order to keep our costs down to our members we also cannot pay to obtain bidding documents. We in turn are providing advertisement of your documents to over 2,500 members in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, North and South Dakota.

Q: What happens when I Post a Project to MONTANABID.COM?

A: When you upload documents to MONTANABID.COM via our upload tool the documents are not directly posted to our members. The Documents are sent electronically to The Independent Montana Plans Exchanges. Your documents then are processed by Exchange staff to make them compatible with our Tools for viewing and estimating on our website. Our websites have advanced viewers that allow our members to view, print, download and even perform Take-off's directly on the computer. In order for these tools to work we must prepare the documents before they are posted. The documents then are accessible by our members behind a password protected website. We call this website the Online Planroom.

Q: What Format should I send the documents to you in? requests documents in one of the following document formats:

Best Practices include:
Unlocked PDF files with One (1) PDF file for Drawings and One (1) PDF file for Specifications.
(Please zip all files locally on your hard drive before upload)See how to Zip your files.

Q: How do I post changes to my Projects? (Addenda, Memo, Etc.)

You can send changes via E-mail to all Exchanges in our network:
You can use the File Upload tool just like when you Post a Project. We will then add the changes to the project online. We will send out a notice to bidders via e-mail to notify them of the changes to the project.

Q: Why does MONTANABID request unlocked PDF Files?

A: Bidders can view documents and use integrated viewers from: On-Screen Takeoff, Planswift and QuickEye. These viewers on our website work best with the .tif files. The .tif files are image files. The PDF format has become very complicated and can contain embedded layers and fonts and other variables that Builders Exchange cannot control. Builder's Exchange will take the PDF files sent to us and convert them into .tif files for viewing by our members in a consistent format that allows our members to use our integrated Take-off tools.

Q: Who can access documents posted to

A: Your documents that are uploaded to MONTANABID.COM will be advertised on a secure password protected members only website. This website allows members of participating MONTANABID.COM Plans Exchanges to access your projects to help facilitate the bidding process.

Why use a Builders Exchange for your plan distribution?

  • Builders Exchanges have a long history in their construction communities, several with more than 100 years of service.
  • We are your partners in providing access to projects both electronically and in hard copy to help you meet compliance requirements and serve a wider audience for a fraction of the cost.
  • Builders Exchanges have experienced personnel handling your projects, making sure that all current addenda and subsequent project correspondence are partnered with the plan and providing the project owner and bidders with up to date bidder's information.
  • Builders Exchange personnel are available to answer non-technical questions and get bidders to the correct person to answer document related questions.
  • Builders Exchanges are in the business of making it easy for owners to put a project out to bid and get the responsive bids they need to bring a project from the drawing board to life.

Services offered by your local plan room.

Project Posting
Printing and Copying
Digital Archiving
Full Service Physical Plan Rooms
Online Plan Rooms
Overnight Plan Checkout
Private Plan Posting
Technical Support
Project Notifications

Contact your local Plan Exchange to find out more.

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MONTANABID.COM is a tool intended for use by Plan-Issuers to put projects out for bid to General Contractors, Sub-contractors and Suppliers. There are no services offered for bidders through This service provides a tool developed by the Independent Montana Builders Exchanges to simplify the posting of Bidding Projects.